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Live at Leeds

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[avatar user="charlotteannalise20" size="large" align="left"] Friday 4th May. May 4th on Friday. The 4th of May which is a Friday. Either way you look at it, its the same thing, and its going to happen. To many peo...

Perfect Sunday Roast

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Easter Holidays. A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, OR for a student,a chance to recharge ones batteries. Days are filled with the brushing off of responsibilities, and the procrastination acceptable o...

Leeds Fest 2012 Anyone?

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So it's that time of year again, where every breath I take is a gasp of anticipation at the question of whether or not I can afford to be part of the underlying culture in which binds all students, and music enthusias...

Int Women’s Day

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Strolling in to University today, innocently and determined to retrieve some library books in which I have had on hold for at least two weeks, my march beginning to create an outspoken thud among the hustle and bussle...